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Manufacturer of special ball bearings - OMET SRL OMET SRL - Italy OMET SRL - Italy Mission: the skill of being ahead of times Established in 1963 thanks to the enterprising initiative of its founder, Angelo Bartesaghi, in a territorial context that is particularly dynamic and specialized like the Lecco metal mechanic District, OMET turns itself towards an own market specialization, the realization of economic

special bearings

for the most varied applications, where the employment of ball bearings having standard precisions would prejudice the final cost of the product without improving the result. It is the beginning of a way to a gradual and progressive growth that takes OMET to conquer a first-rank place on an international level in the field. A prestige result, outcome of the constant skill of OMET to be ahead of times, thanks to a deep knowledge of the needs of the customers. As a matter of facts one of the main features of OMET is the possibility to avail itself of the experience of OMET technicians for suitable quantities to make a custom-made bearing according to the technical needs of application of the customer. The headquarters Placed on an overall surface of approximately 6 thousand 500 meters distributed in two different complexes, OMET headquarters are located in Lecco, in the north of Lombardy, in an area among the most dynamic and lively from the business point of view in the whole country, at a very short distance from Milan. Bearing Business Division headquarter is located: Via Caduti Lecchesi a Fossoli, seat of the administration, commercial and technical offices, the production and quality control departments of the bearing division. Headquarter: OMET SRL Via Caduti a Fossoli, 22 23900 - LECCO Tel. +39 0341 367513 Fax +39 0341 284466

Manufacturer Special Ball Bearings

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